Have you ever wondered how your organization rates
in terms of getting things done?

Execution — consistent, coordinated, controlled execution — is the passport to sustained success in our global competitive environment, but how do you optimize execution? What actions would you take?

Test your theories using our Organization Effectiveness Simulator. First, diagnose your organization's current state, then chart a path based on selected actions and offered insights toward a higher execution score.

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The passive-aggressive organization

"Everyone agrees, but nothing changes."

Congenial and seemingly conflict-free, this organization builds consensus easily, but struggles to implement agreed-upon plans.

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The overmanaged organization

"We’re from corporate, and we’re here to help."

Multiple layers of management create "analysis paralysis" in a frequently bureaucratic and highly political environment.

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The outgrown organization

"The good old days meet a brave new world."

Too large and complex to be effectively controlled by a small team, this organization has yet to "democratize" decision-making authority.

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The fits-and-starts organization

"Let 1,000 flowers bloom."

This organization has scores of smart, motivated, and talented people, but they rarely pull in the same direction at the same time.

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The just-in-time organization

"Succeeding by the skin of our teeth..."

While inconsistently prepared for change, this organization can "turn on a dime" when necessary, without losing sight of the big picture.

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The military precision organization

"Flying in formation"

Often driven by a small, involved senior team, it succeeds through superior execution and the efficiency of its operating model.

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The resilient organization

"As good as it gets"

Flexible enough to adapt quickly to external market shifts, it still remains steadfastly focused on and aligned behind a coherent business strategy.

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